Thursday, January 3, 2008

back in the ring

nothing is as much fun as working in a pharmacy at the beginning of the year. its the time of year when companies are changing insurance companies left and right and the average citizen has no idea what the hell is going on with their health care. honestly, i probably spent a total of two hours on the phone today calling insurance companies to find out people's ID numbers and group numbers and carriers and person codes and all sorts of other information that is contained on handy little cards that people never bother to bring in. and half the time, they come in to pick up their prescription and don't even know that they have completely different insurance carriers than they had last year and that we've tracked down who their new carrier is and wasted ten minutes of our day finding their new information, just so we don't have to call them at home and listen to them insist that they do not, in fact, have new insurance.

not that i'm bitter or anything, i actually rather enjoy my job most of the time. but it has its frustrating moments.

i don't really have much to share on the crafting front today, though i do have lots of things lined up to do in the near future. there was some progress on the candle centerpieces last night. and by progress i mean my fingers were pretty much glued together and ken gave up after one candle. and there was some un-knitting of the wrap when i discovered an error during class today (yes, i happily knit through the first day of class). i have tomorrow and saturday off though so hopefully there will be some more time to work on things. tomorrow afternoon, though, is to be devoted to looking at bridesmaid dresses and probably drinking with lunch.

since i don't have any crafts to show, i'll borrow a page from knittycrafter's book and share a food picture. ken made these a while ago and they were so cute i had to take a picture.

Recipe: Individual Blueberry Cups
Woman's Day (some back issue that i've cut all the recipes out of)

mmm... they were tasty. its pretty much a cornmeal mix, some sugar, and some blueberries, all baked into warm, crumbly, deliciousness.

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