Tuesday, January 8, 2008


my knitpicks order hath finally arrived. i can now restart mr. z's koolhaus hat. you may remember that I blogged about starting it and then it disappeared. turns out my gauge was a bit off and i needed to to restart it on smaller needles, BUT a certain dog ate my smaller needles. henceforth, all needles must be metal because the bamboo has proven too much for poor kodiak to resist. he hadn't chewed anything in a really long time so i got lazy and left them on the couch and returned home to find the ends all mangled :( lesson learned, until the next time i forget i guess.

so hopefully i should have some koolhaus pictures to share soon. I will say, the first time around I decided that I HATED the pattern before i'd completed the first row of the lattice. that cabling needle is so bloody awkward. then i remembered something i'd read a long while back... i googled "cabling without a needle" and Voila!! things moved much more quickly after that and i actually started enjoying the experience. I'm also enjoying the Reynold's Whiskey, it knits up nicely.

My order also included one skein of KP essential in meadow multi for the knitting of the saartjes booties. Even though the only pregnant person i know is my hairdresser, whom i've only been to twice and therefore probably don't know well enough to knit for. but they are so cute and tiny, i'm just going to knit them anyway.

Internet shopping orders have been arriving here left and right, though the majority are wedding related. The most recent was a paper cutter to aid in the putting together of our invitations. I experimented by cutting cardstock to make a sign to accompany our guestbook. The "guestbook" is going to be one of those picture frames with a giant mat for people to sign. So, while i assume people would instinctively know what to do, I thought it needed a clever little sign to accompany it.

totally stole the pine cone idea from another fall wedding on craftster
i love the little pail for the pens. it was a JoAnn's find


Alice said...

The pinecone is so cute! I love the leaves on the table as well. Such a nice display :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely! Your pics of the wedding progress almost makes me want to do one too. Or at least have you do it for me.

Got my Knit Picks order as well, the year of fearless knitting begins.

P.S. don't you get lonely over here? ;)