Thursday, January 24, 2008

I'm in love...

... with these cake toppers. Pretty sure this is the greatest cake topper ever. I didn't even want a cake topper because I hate them and their cheesy-ness. But these are just too cute. These adorable bird couples are the handiwork of a woman named Ann Wood. You can find her cake toppers here. Just to share the awesome-ness, here is my favorite pair.

I am seriously coveting these. I have probably checked out her page like a thousand times, even though there is no way I can afford them. They are just all vintage-y and simple and perfect.

And, to tear myself away from the birds, there is a small amount of knitting going on. One saartje bootie is done. I've taken to calling them the beetlejuice booties, which I will explain when they are done. Suffice to say, super cute. The Koolhas hat continues to spite me and once again ended up too long (though less so than previously) so its been ripped back to shorten the rib section. Third time's a charm, eh?

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