Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The crafting continues

here are the finished flower girl baskets, which i think look much, much better than they did before. i think they look pretty darn good, considering they were a total of $1.18 at Goodwill. moral of the story... when you can't find what you want, find something else and force it to conform to your wishes. or something.

ken laughed at me for looking up instructions on tying a bow

also got the unity candle set (and some spares) put together using some ribbon and a couple of the leaves that we preserved with glycerin. the spray adhesive works really well on the candles, though it seems to end up all over my fingers, which results in me having bits of ribbon, leaves, and dog hair stuck all over the damn place.

(not the best focus on these, forgot how crummy my lens is when its all the way open)

tomorrow is the last day of break before school starts back up again and i don't have to work, so maybe i'll work on the centerpieces. and i guess at some point i ought to actually clean the apartment, instead of just talking about how i should do it...

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Jenny said...

Hi! Happy new year! The new blog looks great! and the crafts look great too. I would have looked up how to tie a bow if I wanted it to be perfect. I can't believe I didn't know who Dr. D was, I thought it a koolhaas I hadn't found online yet. He and Ken can be academic twins. This new year, I'm going to try and do more stuff more often - i'm thinking we should hold a knit/craft night more regularly. How about it?