Monday, January 21, 2008


I should have been a wedding planner. This is fun. We got stuff set up with the caterer and the cake people this weekend. We decided to go with Premier Pastries in Rochester, NY. It was the only cake we tried last time, and it was really good, so we decided what the heck, let's just do it. (though I tried Holy Cannoli's cake at the bridal show, and I must say, it was tasty too...) The cake guy became my instant hero when I handed him my ideal cake, torn straight from the pages of martha stewart, and he said "oh I love this cake, I even have the pattern for it already." The cake in the magazine is blue and brown, which obviously won't work for our wedding so we're going to go with a cream colored base with the brown decorations. Ours is going to be four layers, a raspberry chocolate truffle cake, a lemon cake, and a raspberry almond white cake, though we may substitute something for the raspberry in the almond so we don't have two raspberry layers. Our top layer, which we're saving for ourselves the next day is going to be peach melba... raspberries and peaches, mmmm...

Edited somewhat in photoshop to get the colors more like what we would have. actual picture from ol' MS.

In addition to getting the caterer and cake squared away, we also stopped at the "church" so I could get some pictures of the inside. these are for sister, so she can figure out some way to decorate it for me. I think its the perfect little space, its plain but really cute. i think anyway. There is a balcony around three sides and it has a piano and an organ, though we don't really need them because I found a harpist at the bridal show (only thing that place was really good for). It was really pretty and much less expensive than I expected, in fact she was right about what I had planned to put towards a pianist. I'm pumped.

off to the left is the cemetery that goes with the church. there are graves there that date back to the civil war.
it should be really pretty in the fall.

worst panoramic stitching job EVER, but you get the idea.

There are 10 windows on each floor, which works out alright because I have 10 votive candles with leaves, so I can put one in each of the downstairs windows. there's a huge grapevine wreath to hang between the windows in the front that we can decorate anyway we like. And there are oil lamps on each of the posts that we can light. so yeah, sister, go nuts.


kristinknits said...

Wedding planning is fun, isn't it?

That cake will be fabulous and that church is super cute. (BTW - I didn't noticed the panoramic until you mentioned it.)

Jenny said...

Looks like you got lots of planning done - love the cake! It will be great for a fall wedding. No pics of the booties??